MiniTool Solution Ltd. is a software development company based in Canada. As a dedicated software development company, MiniTool Solution Ltd. is focusing on software development and providing customers with complete business software solutions in data recovery and partition management industry. Our affiliates and resellers all over the world are working hard together to deliver high quality software to satisfy our customers.
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We are truly grateful for the positive feedback we receive every day from our customers. We could only fit a small part of testimonials below:

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100% recovery! Worked beautifully! Recovered 100% of my personal files (docs, jpgs, mp3s) from a drive with a crashed OS. I tried other programs, but they either didn't recognize the drive, said it needed to be formatted or showed "cyclic redundancy error".

- Ron Francis (Canada)
WOW, that is all I can say. I lost a full 300gigs of very important files, mostly pix of grand kids and friends taken over the last 15 years or so, I was broken hearted these were mostly irreplaceable . Power Data Recovery got them all back for us, was very impressed and very very pleased. Thank You.

- George Thomas (USA)
Hello, I just wanted to say many thanks indeed. My 70+ year old parents have just returned from Austria and where keen to show us their holiday photos. I don't know what happened but the computer was reading the flash drive fine until I hit the slideshow function. From that point onward the PC kept saying the disk needing formatting. Needless to say I needed help and I got it fast with your product. Using the deep scan facility the Power Data Recovery professional recovered all my dad's pictures in just a few minutes. Thank you very much indeed.

- Ade Price (UK)
Hello! I just want to thank you for your easy-to-use and effective product. I just bought the Power Recovery software in an attempt to retrieve my lost pictures from Indonesia. I accidentally permanently deleted my files from the recycle bin and I was so desperately crying already because of the irreplaceable memories in the hundreds of photos my husband and I took from our trip a month ago. I thought everything had already been lost but your program retrieved all the pictures in a few minutes. Really big thanks!!!

- Pamela (Singapore)

This was my third and final purchase of recovery software after a serious Windows Stop Error lost most of my files. I'm happy to say that it easily out-performed the other two, recovering all of the files in their folders, all with their original names. Worth the little bit extra expense - I definitely feel I got what I paid for.


- John McGuire (UK)
I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for a awesome product! It was quick and easy to use and most importantly effective! You have saved me a great deal od headache.

- Jon P Weisbrod (USA)
I plugged it back in to check it out and it suddenly showed up as a 111GB drive. I made the partition active. Windows wouldn’t assign a letter to it and showed the partition as deleted. But your AMAZING software retrieved 54,000+ files from it and copied them to my PC. Absolutely the best $79 I ever spent. You have made my daughter very happy and made me a hero in the process!!!


- Paul Dandrow (USA)
Just sending a message to praise your Power Data Recovery application.
I run a small home recording studio and made the horrible mistake of only keeping one copy of all the projects of my own, and most importantly: the bands I work with.
After a very short fall to the floor my external drive was showing as unreadable in windows. Other dos based software let me see that the partition still existed somehow, but I was unable to recover any data.
I am in the process of recovering just the one folder which is most important to me right now and your program worked like a charm- you have no idea what a relief this is. As a student I don't have the money to send my drive off to a data recovery service.
You saved me, folks! Infinite thanks

- Eric

You guys are the best! You guys allowed be to recovery my filed off a crashed drive that I thought I would of lost. Thank you for you're great genuine service that allowed me to retreve my files.

- Joshua Sukhra (Canada)
Your Product Works Well

Dear Sirs,

I don't want you to give out any of my personal information. I do want other people who are considering your product to know that it works well. I had my data on a raid set with complete copies of my information stored two discs. When my raid crashed, I tried to restore it and accidently pushed a wrong button. I then had to reinstall my operating system. Because raid has been such a problem, I reinstalled Windows, in a standard, non-raid setting, in its own partition. When I was finished, Windows wouldn't recognize the information on the rest of my hard drives. I had to reset the partitions to get windows to acknowledge them, but it still wouldn't see my files. I used a trial version of a competitor first. Their program told me that I had lost allmost all of my data including my pictures. Your trial program worked well, so I bought it. I now have all my files back in good working order. My pictures are OK. Thank you.

- Dennis McMullen (USA)
A great success!

I had inadvertently deleted the active partition and lost all my data that I had collected over the last 5 years. I tried 2 other packages and they could not retriev the data but PowerData did, and in magnificent fashion. The user interface is very natural and intuitive and the processing is very quick. (Another product I had tried took 5 hours to do a scan, then another 5 to build the partition list and still could not recover the data. I had all but givern up and decided to try one more product and it turned out to be the right one. Many thanks.

- Bill Shaheen (USA)
Dear Sir,

Greeting to you,

I am so thanks for your program my best regards, to all staff in your company.

- Eng. jassim alshmmary
Dear Support,

My name is Jesica Butler. I purchased a "bundle" yesterday of your Photo Recovery Genius software, and the Volume Recovery for data. The transaction went through Paypal and I have both my license codes.

I am delighted with the Photo Recovery Genius! It recovered many precious baby photos that a local computer "expert" had tried to find without success. (My hard drive was accidentally re-formatted by someone installing a new drive, which wiped out my data.) This local expert had also told me (after her software failed to find the missing photos) that the software I'd need to recover my photos would cost over $1,000! I had almost given up and assumed that the pictures from my son's first birthday were gone forever. Imagine my surprise when I found your website after a Google search and decided to try again on my own. The photo search, purchase, and recovery procedure went smoothly and was easy to do. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful photo recovery product for such a reasonable price.

- Jesica Butler (USA)
Bloody marvelous - recovered photo CD's that were priceless to me and my family!

Thank You

- Garry Latham (Australia)
I accidentally deleted several files of pictures, and tried at least 12 different programs, none worked. Suffice it to say yours did. It was amazing.

Thank you.

- Doug Johnson (USA)
I just want to let you know that 3 days ago I got a crucial crash with my external Hdd 200GB of very precious data at a certain stage I was hopeless to see these data again until I was informed about Power Data Recovery the truth i was not sure that this software could make any difference from other recovery softwares available in the market until I tried it and believe me it was MAGIC in 1h and 30 min I was able to get every single detail by files and folder....... Congratulation with this fantastic job may god give you all the strength and power to continue in your effort and improvement.

- Kimberly Sterling (USA)
Thank you for your kindness and the great recovery product you have made, It works great ,I can recover almost any file, who went lost by installing windows vista on xp before, thanks to the way your demo works. And your price quality , a example to most recovery programs.

Thanks again, I think because of the time difference in Germany I hope they will confirm the payment tomorrow. Your service was great in a very short time... Almost like I own a credit card, thank you again, for your trust! Yours sincerely

- rajesh hoeba (Netherlands)
I purchased your Power data Recovery software and I was under the impression that I could recover ANY data.

I have a hard drive where I keep all types files,, msi, etc,...and that included even the program file that I purchased from you. I can no longer access this hard drive since converting to Windows Vista since it is a Dynamic Drive.

I can access it using your program but when I attempt to recover all of the files on the hard drive, there a mostly documents, zip files and and a few others that show up in your program.

Again, I was under the impression that I could recover ANY type file.


- Bruce Sharp (USA)
Last week, I inadvertently deleted the partition of my second hard drive. On that hard drive, I stored all my photos taken for the last 7 years. After 7 days,18 Forum correspondence and over 15 emails, the Power Data Recovery Team has helped me recovered every single piece of data and photos from the HD partition I inadvertently deleted. Their efforts are beyond bending backward. The team guided me through every step of the recovery process and provided me with thorough instructions of how to resolve the issue of 38gb limitation. Thank You.

- Gary Lo (Canada)
I am flabbergasted by the power of your product. My HDD had crashed then Windows was reinstalled, the logical partition of my HDD had been lost and Deep Scan has recovered all my files (after running for close to 24 hours) Congratulations !

- Christophe Evers (Belgium)
We had purchased the Commercial License and when I recovered the first Failed drive I thought it was grand. So did the financial administrator. I notice later that an upgrade was there I downloaded and a few days later sure enough we had another HD failure. I connect to my system and in minutes the data was available to me to give back to the customer.
A GREAT Product.

Aiken Technical College.- Jerry Dockal
Dear MiniTool Solution Ltd.,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Power Data Recovery 3.0.We had a drive with its first four sectors blown away such that it could berecognized on a hardware level but Windows considered it unformatted. Weused deep scan but probably did not have to do so, as all of the filesappear to have been recovered in the first partition found by hardwarerecovery. I did spring for the professional version in case this happensagain.

May I suggest that it might enhance your company's image generally (and more specifically a potential buyer's perception of the product) if your site and the GUI were edited to reflect standard English. The intent and meaning were clear enough, but some might be put off by numerous grammatical errors believing them to be indicative of the quality of the code.

Again, please accept my thanks and best wishes for the continuing success of PDR.


David S. Eckel
Telephony Software Associates, Inc.
Clayton, NC
Fantastic Customer Service
Among all things the customer service is one of a kind!! The email customer service was very quick on responding and extremely knowledgeable. The software is a really user-friendly bit of software. I found it easy to use and easy to understand it really does exactly what is says on the tin. To be able to recover and delete files at a push of a button has been invaluable to me saving both time and resource. I would buy this product if this were the only feature. I love the graphics and the ease you can maneuver around the software. I have already been recommending it to friends and colleagues as once you start using it you really will wonder how you managed before your software.
- Kevin
I used Power Data Recovery after my RAID & Setup, which until a spyware removal program had "Cleaned" the wrong file in my registry, had been very stable.

(Note No Mirror Drive had been used at that time)

Although I was mostly backed up on an external drive, there were some things I had not yet had the Chance to backup.

This Combined with my desire to find a quality data recovery tool lead me to Power Data Recovery.

I'm an enthusiast/builder when it comes the computer technology ,and Challenges.

I Asked my I.T. Director as well as his assistants and they assured me There was no possible way I could retrieve any of my data after my machine wouldn't boot ,if I was unsuccessful in my attempts to correct the problem ,because of it being in a &Striped &setup.

I couldn't help but laugh the next time they asked me if I had ever got my machine to boot ,I said "No" and had that look on their face like.. "Oh it's too bad you lost all of your files" You should have seen the look on their face when I told them that Power Data Recovery was Successful in recognizing my RAID "0" Array, and I was able to retrieve ALL MY FILES...

Thank You For A Great Product, and know that I have suggested it to all my friends and colleagues!

- Randy Vinson
I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful program!!!

After my motherboard and CPU mysteriously died, I replaced these components and reconnected my hard drives, only to find to my horror that my backup drive had also been somehow corrupted. Windows refused to have anything to do with it - it made terrible crunching and clicking noises when attempts were made to access it and I was ready to abandon all hope and say goodbye to thousands of precious documents.

I thought I'd search the internet and see if there were any recovery possibilities and I downloaded three trial versions of different recovery programs. One wouldn't access the hard disk, the other was extremely slow, but Power Data Recovery was absolutely fantastic!!!! It took 20 minutes to scan my "inaccessible" 80Gb drive and showed me every single file I thought I had lost. I immediately brought it and now have all my files back.

Power Data Recovery is worth every single cent and more! thanks very much once again.

- Rob

Thank you Power data recovery. I am very pleased that I recovered all my data by using it. This is very handy utility and powerful as described in your website. I am so happy that all my files are recovered, my video, my pictures and my worksheet are priceless to me.

I am not a computer guru, I am just use it to play video and create invoice for my customer. Yesterday, the anti-virus program prompted me to update its library. After I confirmed to reboot, my HP computer refused to start. I made some phone calls and decided use HP recovery CD. I was told recovery is safe but after recovery CD reinstall XP. All my important files are gone. I was terrified and search data recovery software over the internet. After several try, I installed power data recovery. After 50 minutes scan my 200G disk, it listed all the files and directories which is missing?I recovered them with simple click?I am just so happy to write this letter to thank you guys and I’d like to recommend this handy tool to all my friends.

- Elisa Sinclair
Just wanted to thank you for creating Power Data Recovery. I tried OnTrack's software as well as a few others. Yours is the only software that could actually see the correct drive size and that would recover the files and directories with their original file names.

Thanks again.

- Mike Sumsion
Dear Support,

I must say your data recovery software is amazing. I recently had an issue with my Windows XP MFT. It somehow became corrupt and did not allow access to my drive in a traditional manner. I knew not to give up hope and began my quest for a solution to my data problem. The drive is a 400GB drive with only 30GB free space.

I started the quest using several other products including GetBackNTFS, Stellar Phoenix Recovery, and a few others. They all claimed to have the ability to regain my data. Stellar took me 20 hours just to do a basic scan to find the logical partition. Then to just scan the drive it said it would take 192 hours. I knew that was impossible.

I was not fearing that all my data from consulting and marketing would be lost forever. This is a backup drive of other drives so it contained many many hours of work.

So I moved on to GetBackNTFS this scan only took 7 hours but the directory structure was incomplete and had blank directories. This would mean that I would have to rename my entire directory structure and all documents. I was beginning to feel hopeful that my data was not damaged.

Then I stumble across Power Data Recovery. The screen was simple not confusing. The steps seemed logical. So I downloaded your demo and performed the scan. Six hours later I am thrilled with what I see. A complete 100% file list of all my data in tact! I purchased the software immediately. Unlike other companies I received the code instantly. And I am finishing up my recovery as I write this on the same PC.

Thanks to everyone there who designed such an easy to use fabulous program. I wanted to give you some feedback and let you know you have a very very happy customer out there. Please, if you have a mailing address of other software you design or updates put me on it.

Thanks again.

- Clint
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